No Property Taxes In Georgia?


Georgia lawmakers are thinking about tossing out taxes.  The idea has become more of a reality as lawmakers met over the summer to discuss a possible bill that would cut property taxes.  News Three spoke with Richard Smith, a Republican representative from District 131.  He said that because the top five leaders of the House are supporting the idea of no property taxes, it stands a pretty good chance of passing. Though many think it’s a great idea, there is still a price to pay.

If some
Georgia lawmakers have their way, by 2009, you won’t be paying taxes on things you own, like your house or your car. “Oh it sounds like a good deal. But what are we going to have to give up for that,” said
Columbus resident, Twilla Robinson-Booker.

Tax-free services.

There are more than a hundred various services around the state that you currently don’t pay taxes on.   “You start taxing attorneys,   CPAs, beauticians, anytime money exchanges hands then you will offset the revenue you lose from property tax,” said Smith.

No other state has done away with property taxes, but Smith thinks it’s a perfect fit for
Georgia.   “To me a sales tax is probably the fairest tax. If you don’t have much money then you don’t spend much. You don’t pay much. If you’re filthy rich you’re going to buy a lot, you’re going to pay a lot,” said Smith.

Smith said the bill will be introduced and voted on as soon as the legislative session starts in January of next year.

You can weigh in.  The numbers listed are for your local representatives. You can reach them on those numbers once the legislative session starts.

Rep. Carolyn Hugley: 404-656-5058

Rep. Calvin Smyre: 404-656-0116

Rep. Debbie Buckner: 404-656-6372

Rep. Richard Smith: 404-656-0109

Rep. Vance Smith: 404-656-7153

">Susanna Avery, WRBL, Media General


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