8 Amazing Yet Simple Ways to Keep Knowledge in Motion!


Atlanta, GA – April 18, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — Georgia Realtor® and entrepreneur say the drama in today’s housing market calls for a HUGE dose of positive stimulation.

In a just-released book titled The Influencers™, the author says the time is ripe for real estate professionals to sharpen their influence by cultivating relational transactions before business transactions.

It is a fact, by default or design; we all influence!

The Influencers™ embrace leadership influence through real and fantasy influencers. Follow the journey of two influencers, one from the 19th century, and the other, the 21st, lost, alone and running.

Mysteriously they find themselves at 18 Jupiter Lane searching… We cry with them, laugh at them and cheer them on as they fight a storm so powerful it causes them to fight for the essence of their soul…

The Influencers™ is a business book with a twist. It is not a procedural “how-to”, but a “why-to” keeping the knowledge in motion illustrated through eight principles coined Snippets.

The lessons of the Snippets are a must helping business owners, managers, sales and service professionals appreciate their power to influence.

“The Influencers is a literary journey that leads you to your best self. This is the first and only self-help book that I’ve read that is also a fun and exciting read. I found the book so engaging that I ended up reading it in its entirety in one sitting. The Influencers is an interactive book that engages you to realize your leadership skills.

The cutting edge ideas and concepts in the first half of the book are portrayed and interpreted in the second half of the book as a fictional story. Ms. TR Johnson’s use of language flows like a beautiful poem. The Influencers will positively influence all who read it.” Nikkeve Toi

The Influencers™ is more than a book; it’s a blueprint for loving ourselves enough to keep the knowledge in motion.

“The Influencers was a very powerful read; it not only combined a fictional and non-fictional situation to satisfy the reader, but it also took me on an educational and whimsical journey. The definition of the 8 Snippets was outstanding! They can be used in everyone’s everyday life.” LaFonne R. Ealey

Author Overview:

TR Johnson is a real estate broker and entrepreneur helping professionals tap their inner energy to grow. She authored Thoughts Influence Power Snippets (TIPSs), a tiny book with a huge message taking readers on a meaningful journey within. A passionate educator, TR writes from the heart for personal growth and uses her wit to inspire, motivate and influence others.

TR Johnson considers herself a lifelong learner and educator who passion for written was discovered recently when her daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer.

A group of women promised “to be there” for her daughter.  Not only did they keep that promise, they continue to this day love and care for her daughter.

TR wrote a special inspirational booklet as a way of saying thanks, but something else amazing happened.

First, the women loved the booklet, second, TR became infatuated with putting her thoughts, ideas and concepts on paper.  The Influencers is TR’s second book.  TR is grateful to these women at Tenet Health Care for loving her daughter and helping her discover her passion for influencing others through her writing.


TR Johnson is a real estate broker and entrepreneur helping professionals tap their inner energies to grow personally and professionally. 

In 1998 she authored a series of workbooks titled "NO FEAR" A License To Buy/Sell and taught several real estate classes for adults. 

A passionate educator, TR believes providing information is the best service real estate professional provide.

TR writes from the heart for personal growth and uses her special wit to inspire, motivate and help others.


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